Harvester Brewing Releases St. Denny Dubbel Style Ale April 10th

Harvester Brewing is pleased to announce the 2014 release of St. Denny Dubbel.

St. Denny was brewed with roasted chestnuts and dark Belgian candi syrup. It’s lightly hopped with Styrian Goldings, and fermented with a blend of two gluten-free Belgian yeast strains. It comes in at 7% ABV and 25 IBU.

When Harvester founder James Neumeister was starting out as a homebrewer, he contacted homebrewing legend Denny Conn and asked him where he could learn to brew using the batch-sparge method that Denny advocates when homebrewing. Denny invited James over that weekend and after a day of brewing under Denny’s tutelage, his word quickly became the rule when James was homebrewing, prompting his other brewing partners to start referring to Mr. Conn as ‘Saint’ Denny. This background, combined with the common practice of Belgian style beers having ‘Saint’ names, led to the name St. Denny for this beer.

St. Denny Dubbel style ale bottles will be released at Harvester Brewing this Thursday, April 10th. Bottles will roll out to store shelves next week and are available to order through Harvester’s online store now.