Contest! Contest! Picture Contest!

Post a picture of our cans purchased in California. If your photo receives the most likes and shares, we will send you a gift package.

The Rules-

  1. You must have a backdrop that lets us know you are in CA. Famous scenery, sign, etc.
  2. Please share the location where you found our beer.
  3. We are doing this on Twitter and Facebook. The same person can't win both contests. That being said, multiple entries are welcome.
  4. Make sure to tag the post/photo with Ground Breaker Brewing and Artisan Distributing.
  5. Contest ends Sunday 11/08 at midnight. The winner will be announced Monday 11/09.

The winner will receive a shirt, socks, koozie, sticker, glass, and coaster.


Ground Breaker Brewing
Artisan Distributing