With A Nod To Bavaria, Ground Breaker Brewing Offers Gluten-Free Dampfbier

The second Ground Breaker Brewing release of the year is a Bavarian inspired affair. Dampfbier, a gluten-free ale brewed with weizen yeast, will soon be hitting the shelves. At 4.5% alcohol by volume and 14 IBU it maintains similar spicy and fruit characteristics of Hefeweizen. To put a definitive Pacific Northwest stamp on their rendition, Dampfbier is dry-hopped with Santiam hops to complement the natural banana esters and clove-like phenols produced by the weizen yeast. 


Ground Breaker’s first Experiment Ale Series release saw the brewery successfully deliver on a long-held goal: crafting an American-style Porter in gluten-free form. No to be slowed by the success of Paddy Porter, the 100% dedicated gluten-free craft brewery out of Portland, Oregon is looking to provide something more Continentally inspired for their second seasonal offering of the year. 

Originating in the rural Bavarian Forest region of what is the modern Czech Republic and Germany, Dampfbier is basic and utilitarian. Brewers of the region made beers with 100% barley malt because wheat was expensive and prioritized as food instead of beverage. 

Being a dedicated gluten-free brewery, Ground Breaker’s rendition obviously doesn’t have wheat or barley but that didn’t stop Head Brewer Tyler Kueber from exploring the style. “We’re very excited to bring this lesser-known Bavarian style to the gluten-free community,” remarked Kueber. “This may be the first time that we’ve replicated a style that many traditional beer drinkers may have never experienced themselves.”

Available now in 22 ounce bottles, Dampfbier is an exploration in the diversity of beer, Kueber explained. “Nearly all of our beers are meant to be poured quietly. With this release folks should feel free to rouse Dampfbier before they pour it for more of that weizen flavor.”

Rouse before pouring for that classic flavor and look. 

Rouse before pouring for that classic flavor and look. 

Ground Breaker Brewing Wins Award at World Beer Cup®

Portland, Oregon-based Ground Breaker Brewing, the first 100% dedicated gluten-free brewery in the United States, has captured its first World Beer Cup award at the 2018 awards ceremony. Ground Breaker’s IPA No. 5 won the the Silver award in the Gluten-Free beer category. Awards were given in 101 beer-style categories during the World Beer Cup award ceremony on May 3, 2018 at Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Ground Breaker’s IPA No. 5 won the Silver medal in the Gluten-Free beer category. IPA No. 5 previously won the Silver medal in the Gluten-Free beer category at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival®. “We were very happy to win this medal alongside some other amazing Oregon breweries at this year’s World Beer Cup awards,” said James Neumeister, founder and head of R&D at the gluten-free craft brewery. “We were a little disappointed to see the beer not show at the 2016 World Beer Cup. We know it’s a great beer and we were determined to prove that this year.”

IPA No. 5 is available in a 12 ounce can package

IPA No. 5 is available in a 12 ounce can package

Having studied many of the medal-winning IPAs on the market, the brewers at Ground Breaker knew they needed to give some creative love to their award-winning flagship beer. “IPA No. 5 has such a well-established identity,” remarked Tyler Kueber, head brewer. “We didn’t want to disrupt or change that, but we did want to take another look at the hops and give them a bit of a makeover.” Kueber and the Ground Breaker crew most recently took home a Gold medal in the Gluten-Free category at the 2017 GABF for the brewery’s Dark Ale. “We had the opportunity, thanks to another brewery here in Portland, to bring in some special hops we wouldn’t normally be able to get our hands on. We are fortunate to have such a supportive brewing community, and I think that’s part of the reason why you see Oregon breweries hauling in so many medals every year.”

With the addition of another 15 barrel unitank by the end of May, Ground Breaker will be producing more IPA No. 5 than ever. “With the establishment of our Colorado market, the demand for IPA No. 5, especially in cans, is higher than ever,” said Neumeister. With a World Beer Cup medal to its name, the consumer’s desire for IPA No. 5 will continue to climb.

World Beer Cup winners were selected by an international panel of 295 beer judges from 33 countries, 72 percent of whom were from outside the United States. Widely regarded as the “Olympics of Beer,” the World Beer Cup saw an impressive field of 8,234 entries from 2,515 breweries in 66 countries—the largest competition to date. Presented by the Brewers Association, the World Beer Cup has been held biennially since 1996, to celebrate the art and science of brewing by recognizing outstanding achievement. 

Ground Breaker Debuts Paddy Porter

The first 2018 release from 100% dedicated gluten-free Ground Breaker Brewing has arrived. Medium bodied with a thick creamy head, Paddy Porter is made with roasted chestnuts, roasted lentils, cacao nibs, and dark roasted rice malt from Eckert Malting & Brewing.

Paddy Porter.png

“We’re always looking for additional ingredients to integrate into our brewing process,” said James Neumeister, Head of R&D at Ground Breaker. “When we first began distributing in California I visited Jim and tried his beers. Since then it’s been an aim of ours to find a place to use his malted rice products.”

Releasing a porter has been a goal of Ground Breaker since first opening in 2011. “Dark beers are the most challenging beers to brew gluten-free,” said Tyler Kueber, Head Brewer at Ground Breaker. “Some of the flavors and aromas can be difficult to achieve without barley. With Eckert’s rice malts we are able to bring a lot of that complexity to the beer.”


Paddy Porter will be available on draft and in a 22 ounce bottle. It begins shipping to Ground Breaker territories the last week of January.


About Ground Breaker Brewing
Ground Breaker Brewing is a gluten-free craft brewery and gastropub founded in 2011. They are dedicated to crafting 100% gluten-free beer; using ingredients which are naturally gluten-free and allowing no gluten in their facility. Ground Breaker has won a medal in the gluten-free category at the Great American Beer Festival® each year they have entered. The gastropub is located at 2030 SE 7th Ave. in Portland, OR. Ground Breaker’s beers are distributed in the following territories: OR, WA, ID, CA, VT, ME, MA, RI; in BC and AB, Canada; and Japan. 

About Eckert Malting & Brewing
Owner Jim Eckert, a homebrewer for more than 40 years and a professional agriculture researcher for 30 years, began experimenting with malting rice when his wife learned she had an intolerance for gluten. Based out of Chico, California, Eckert Malting & Brewing was the first maltster in the world to malt and roast rice for brewing. 

Ground Breaker Goes Big on Fresh Hop Beers

Ground Breaker Brewing is doubling up on the fresh hop fun. Epoch, a fresh hop IPA brewed with Strata hops, is due to hit store shelves in the third week of September. In early October, Ground Breaker will release Gayle, a fresh hop IPA brewed with Crystal hops. Epoch and Gayle will join Ground Breaker’s Experiment Ale Series. 


Strata, at one time known as X-331, is an aroma hop that was developed over 7 years in cooperation between Indie Hops and Oregon State University. High-yielding and bursting with tropical fruit and herbal dank aroma, this brand-new be-all hop has the brewing industry abuzz with anticipation. “We were very excited to get our hands on this amazing new Oregon-developed hop variety,” said Tyler Kueber, head brewer at Ground Breaker. “Going into the hop back it smelled great, going into the tank it smelled even better. I am very happy for this opportunity to provide a new hop experience for the gluten-free community.”


After releasing one gluten-free fresh hop beer for the last two years, Ground Breaker made the decision to distribute two this fresh hop season. “Gayle was very successful last year and we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with a new aroma hop,” said James Neumeister, founder of Ground Breaker Brewing. “We love the tropical fruit aroma hops that are becoming available, but we’re still fans that Northwest forest aroma. Why not provide both?”

Epoch IPA and Gayle IPA will be distributed in a 22-ounce package in Ground Breaker territory. 

Gluten-free beer lovers can try both Ground Breaker fresh hop IPAs as well as an “estate” fresh hop blonde ale at Ground Breaker’s first Gluten-Free Fresh Hop Festival. The festival will take place at the gastropub located at 2030 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97214, on September 30 from 12pm-9pm. 

About Ground Breaker Brewing
Ground Breaker Brewing is a gluten-free craft brewery and Gastropub founded in 2011. They are dedicated to making 100% gluten-free beer; using ingredients which are naturally gluten-free and allowing no gluten in their facility. Ground Breaker has won a medal in the gluten-free category at the Great American Beer Festival® each year they have entered. The gastropub is located at 2030 SE 7th Ave. in Portland, OR. Ground Breaker’s beers are distributed in OR, WA, ID, CA, VT, ME, MA, RI, BC, AB and Japan.

About Goschie Farms
Goschie Farms, nestled within the hills of the Pacific Northwest's scenic Willamette Valley, has been a fixture in the Oregon farming community for 130 years. The farm's current location was established by Herman and Vernice Goschie. It is now managed year-round by three of their children: Gordon, Gayle, and Glenn in addition to a cadre of wonderful team members. Frequently cited as an example for sustainable farming practices, Goschie Farms was the first hop farm in the nation to be certified as Salmon-Safe and now grows all of its crops in accordance with salmon-safe guidelines.

About Indie Hops
Indie Hops supplies Oregon-grown aroma hops to craft brewers. The Willamette Valley's rich alluvial soils, long summer days, family operated century farms, and pioneering spirit all combine to create the environment where world-class aroma hops thrive, in a culture that naturally supports craft brewing.

Ground Breaker Brewing Releases Gluten-Free Homebrew Recipe

Ground Breaker is growing, but the demand for 100% gluten-free craft beer is growing faster. We continue in our efforts to bring award-winning gluten-free craft beers to all 50 states, but in the meantime we wanted to create something that could be shared with gluten-free craft beer lovers everywhere. This gluten-free homebrew recipe is the culmination of that effort.

Photo by Darren Black

Photo by Darren Black

Gluten-Free Homebrew Recipe - This is a BeerXML file, compatible with brewing software (BeerSmith, Brewtarget, BeerAlchemy, etc). We have also made a PDF available. 

How do you increase body and mouthfeel when brewing gluten-free beer at home? The question that helped inform this recipe. When craft beer enthusiasts come into the brewpub to try out our beers, we often hear this question. Founder James Neumeister was recently invited onto Denny Conn & Drew Beechum’s Experimental Homebrewing podcast to answer this very question. 
After his guest appearance on the show, James decided to release to the world a basic gluten-free homebrew recipe. This recipe uses a malted sorghum syrup backbone (available at any homebrew supply store) with enhanced body provided by home-roasted lentils and gluten-free buckwheat groats that you can find at most grocery stores. A good beer in its own right, it was designed as a versatile base beer that could be enhanced with fruit, spices, and varieties of hops or yeast.