Ground Breaker Releases Competition-Winning Beer, Dad’s Red Ale

Dad’s Red Ale, the grand prize winner of the 2018 Pacific Northwest Gluten-Free Homebrewing Competition, is being released by Ground Breaker Brewing in a 12 ounce can package. Dad’s Red Ale was created by gluten-free homebrewing club Zero Tolerance’s founder Joe Morris and adapted for release by the Portland, Oregon-based gluten-free craft brewery.

A balanced American Amber ale that comes in at 6% ABV. It is set to be released on Wednesday, March 13th and will be available at the Ground Breaker Gastropub.


Ground Breaker Brewing sponsored and hosted the PNW Gluten-Free Homebrewing Competition in April of 2018. It was an idea that Ground Breaker founder James Neumeister had wanted to bring to life for some time. “Countless home brewers have traveled from near and far over the years to visit us, to pick our brains,” said Neumeister. “We’re always happy to oblige, but it became clear early on that there was a huge desire and need for gluten-free homebrewing information and feedback.”

When Ground Breaker made the announcement, Morris was the first to sign up. “I entered the competition because there are currently no dedicated gluten-free categories or subcategories in the BJCP,” said Morris. “I saw this as an opportunity to compete with the best gluten-free home brewers on a level playing field.” Having founded Zero Tolerance months before the competition, Morris knew there were others in the same position.

To judge the competition Ground Breaker assembled a diverse group of seasoned competition judges, many with top-level BJCP certification. With judges and a competition space secured, Ground Breaker needed help getting the word out.


“It was very fortunate that Joe founded Zero Tolerance right before we announced the competition, it really helped us get the word out. We had entrants from all over the US and even Canada,” recalled Neumeister.

Ground Breaker will announce details about the second year of the competition in the coming weeks. In the meantime, gluten-free beer drinkers will have the opportunity to try what the best of the gluten-free homebrewing community has to offer.