Roll Up Door Series

Imperial IPA
100 IBU ~10% ABV

 A uniquely American style, this double India Pale Ale boasts enough alcohol and bitterness to satisfy even the most enthusiastic Northwest hophead.


30 IBU ~5.6% ABV

A pale ale brewed with milk thistle, goji berries, dandelion root, burdock root, lemons, and schisandra berries.

Imperial Darkness
62 IBU ~9% ABV

A grand, dark ale to rule them all! Deeply roasted chestnuts and lentils contribute to the above-the-rest body of this massive beer. With roasted cocoa nibs added to the mash and a generous amount of vanilla and coffee to the fermenter. Full of caramel, vanilla and dark fruit flavors and aroma, this is our darkest gluten-free beer yet.