Harvester Brewing to Release Stone Fruit Experiment Ale on July 17th, a new ingredient, and a new look

Stone Fruit

The Experiment Ale for this summer is Stone Fruit, a hoppy ale brewed with peaches, apricots, and cherries. With Stone Fruit we maintain a pronounced Northwest hoppiness and the dry, crisp finish typical of our beers, while celebrating the complex flavors and aromas from the fruit addition. We selected careful amounts of Willamette, Cascade, Meridian, and Horizon hops for their ability to mingle with the taste and aroma of the stone fruit. Stone Fruit will be released in the tasting room on July 16th. To celebrate, the gastropub will be serving special dinner pairings that evening.


Stone Fruit will be the first beer released by Harvester Brewing that does not contain oats. While a majority of people have been able to enjoy our beers made with certified gluten-free oats, their use still excludes many people from drinking our beer. As gluten-free brewing is still relatively new, finding the right ingredients to make a quality beer that we are proud of has been an ongoing process, but through extensive recipe testing we found a winner with lentils. In addition to providing all of the benefits we get from brewing with oats, lentils have proven to be a much more diverse ingredient that can be roasted in different ways to add complexity and flavor to our beers. The availability of certified gluten-free and organic lentils through Edison Grainery, a small family-owned business, only increased our interest in incorporating lentils into a Harvester beer.

New Look

Our beers and recipes are always evolving, and with the addition of the gastropub and it’s pub-only R&D brews that process of innovation has accelerated. In a complementary way we’ve also evolved our logo design, which you may have seen in our latest t-shirts. We’ll be extending that design to our labels beginning with the release of Stone Fruit. Look for the new Harvester label, beginning with the Stone Fruit release, on store shelves beginning next week.

About Edison Grainery

Edison Grainery  is a leading source of high-quality organic ingredients from around the world. Our mission is simple-do no harm. From pantry staples to super foods, there’s something for everyone! Certified organic (OTCO & USDA), Certified Gluten-Free (GF) , and Kosher (CRC).