Ground Breaker Brewing Celebrates Summer With “Johnny” Golden Ale

We are pleased to announce the release of Johnny, Ground Breaker’s latest Experiment Ale. Johnny, an ale and cider hybrid, is a light, golden-style ale that finishes at 5% ABV and 27 IBUs. This beer was built to be enjoyed during the hottest days of summer.

“By blending beer and cider we can accentuate the aspects we most appreciate in each,” explains James Neumeister, Ground Breaker’s head of R&D. Johnny begins with a fermenter filled with apple cider and ale wort. The wort has been custom tailored to bring out the best in the blend by emphasizing the hop flavor and body. Once fermentation is complete Johnny is generously dry-hopped with Sterling hops.

Johnny is an homage to all of Ground Breaker’s favorite Johnnies: Johnny D., who built the brewery; Johnny Galecki, considered by many of us to be the best Russ Griswold; Johnny Cash, whose soothing baritone often accompanies a brewday; and Johnny 5, star of one of Oregon’s greatest films.

Johnny will be released in the Ground Breaker Gastropub on Thursday, July 9th on draft and in bottles on July 10th. Bottles of Johnny will head to retailers the following week.