Our Ingredients

Willamette Valley Chestnuts
Our chestnuts come from Randy at RC Farms in McMinnville, OR. He grinds the chestnuts to a size suitable for mashing. We then roast them at the brewery to different levels depending on the style of gluten-free beer that we are making. From RC Farms:

RC Farms, Inc. grows their Sweet Chestnuts on 17 acres in McMinnville, in the heart of Oregon's great and fertile Willamette Valley.

When you order from us, you're ordering directly from the grower so you are getting the chestnuts as fresh as possible. Sweet Chestnuts have been around for centuries and can be ground into flour, pureed like potatoes, boiled and sauteed like a vegetable, and used in poultry stuffing, soups, quiches, and desserts. They are gluten free and an excellent healthy snack food!

More information about Randy's farm and chestnuts can be found on the RC Farms website.

Certified Organic Gluten-Free Lentils
Our lentils come from Edison Grainery in Oakland, CA. From Edison Grainery:

We’ve teamed with farmers employing conservation techniques that ensure renewable resources and the quality of the water and soil. Our products are grown without using conventional pesticides; fertilizers containing synthetic components, sewage sludge, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.

Edison Grainery's facilites include three production lines and dedicated warehouse space. Warehousing of raw ingredients and two production lines are "allergen free." This means this facility is free of known allergens including; gluten, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy and sesame. 

Our "allergen-tolerant" production line and warehouse space is a separate location.

More information can be found at the Edison Grainery website.

The sorghum that we use in our gluten-free beer is in the form of a syrup from Briess Malt & Ingredients company. From Briess:

BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup 45DE High Maltose is a gluten free, 100% concentrated wort made from the unmalted grain, not the cane, of the white sorghum plant. BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup was developed by our technical staff specifically for the production of gluten -free beer in 2005.

To assure the gluten free integrity of BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup, we enforce strict quality control measures and utilize a dedicated dry handling system for non-allergen materials. As a result, BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup meets the FDA proposed definition of “gluten free” which is less than 20ppm. To assure this high standard we:

  • Source only Identity Preserved (IP) White Sorghum Grain
  • Employ a dedicated dry handling system for non-allergen materials
  • Partner with suppliers to proactively address and prevent cross contamination issues

More information on gluten-free brewing can be found on the Briess Gluten-Free Brewing page, and information about their gluten-free products can be found at the Briess List of Gluten-Free Syrups.

Our hops come from the great guys over at Indie Hops. We use all Oregon grown hops. From Indie Hops:

Indie Hops supplies Oregon-grown aroma hops to craft brewers. The Willamette Valley's rich alluvial soils, long summer days, family operated century farms, and pioneering spirit all combine to create the environment where world-class aroma hops thrive, in a culture that naturally supports craft brewing.

We have invested in the necessary infrastructure and partnered with leading farms to provide
100% Oregon-grown aroma varieties, some familiar and some unique, to craft brewers. Our intent is to earn the honor of being the preferred aroma hop resource for brewers across North America. Please join us in the pursuit of aroma varieties that inspire brewmasters to create sensational gluten-free beer for all to enjoy.

Learn more at the Indie Hops website.