Our Brewery

The Ground Breaker Ethos

Local, dedicated, gluten-free. We source our ingredients as locally as possible. Our chestnuts come from Randy, our farmer in the Willamette valley. Our hops are also from the Willamette Valley. We use no corn derived sugars or any coloring agents in our gluten-free beer. Our gluten-free beers are vegan. All of our brewing, roasting and bottling equipment is new and has never been used for anything but our gluten-free beer.

Our approach to making great gluten-free beer is a simple one: don't start with what you don't want. We start with ingredients that are naturally gluten-free and craft them into great beers in our brewery. We don't and never will use barley, wheat, or rye and then attempt to chemically or enzymatically remove the gluten.

Our Brewery

Our brewery consists of a new 7 BBL brewhouse built in Portland, OR by Metalcraft Fabrication. It was delivered in the Fall of 2011 during the construction of our brewery and we brewed our first batch in November 2011. In addition to the brewhouse we have one 7 BBL fermenter, four 14 BBL fermenters and two 14 BBL brite tanks.

We bottle all of our gluten-free beer on site with a 6-head bottling machine built by Meheen Manufacturing of Pasco, WA, and we roast all of the chestnuts used in our gluten-free beer on site in a gas-fired nut roaster from Jordan.